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Please fill in the form below, and click submit, to register as a participant of the spring school. Fields with a * are mandatory, everything else is optional. If you prefer to send us an email (or a snail mail letter) instead of using the web form below, feel free to do so.

Funding is available to a limited extent. If you need financial support, please check the box below, and give us an estimate on how much you need. Please also look for alternative sources of funding, so that we can support more participants. Except for members of the SFB/TR 45, we will usually not be able to reimburse travel expenses.

Although you can register until shortly before the school, we appreciate your early registration. Moreover, a request for funding will be considered if you register before July 1, 2018. Similarly, if you would like us to make a hotel reservation for you, please register before July 1, 2018.

There is a registration fee of 30 EUR (15 EUR for PhD/MSc students) which you (or your home institution) have to cover yourself in any case.

Please enter the address in the form that we can sendmail to "Your Name" + "Adress" + "Country". Please use linebreaks.

Please uncheck if you do not want your name and institution to be listed in the list of participants on this web site. (Your email address will not be listed in any case.)

Please check if you would like us to make a hotel reservation for you (we take that as the default). We will notify you as soon as further details are available.

Please check if you need financial support for your accommodation.

If you need financial support towards your travel expenses, please give us an estimate of the amount you need (in EUR). Please note that our resources are limited, so we appreciate your looking for other sources of funding.